Why iiSocial

If you are a person who likes to be of influence


iiSocial is a platform that allows you to create
your own social network very easily

iiSocial gives you the tools and expertise to create your own community where you can share your interests with others in an organized and simple manner, in a public or private fashion by creating defining individual levels of communication within the members of your community. The system is scalable and responsive to different size displays, including; mobile, tablet and desktop.  Whether you or your members want to share your interests in blog or graphical forms, the iiSocial platform allows you to do just that.




Smart phone and Tablet Ready

The networks are designed responsive and are adapted to PCs, mobile phones and tablets. There are options for landing page design from a minimalist to a more comprehensive design, it's content can be member driven.


Growing your own Community

A growing community starts with sharing what you are passionate about and share it with people with similar likes.  When you create revelant content that people like, it encourages all members to contribute for a more meaningful community.

Building a unique community ...